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SplashPlay quizzes are easy to create and fun to play. Play and share existing games or earn cash by creating your own. Anyone can create a quiz…no prior technical knowledge is required.

National brands can create quizzes to promote their brand with engaging and entertaining trivia. Additionally, each quiz can be integrated with news, deals and promotions.

If you’re celebrity, become designated as an official member to build and promote your following.

SplashPlay can be shared in all major social networks including facebook, pinterest, twitter and google+.



Anyone can create a quiz without any special computer knowledge. Create games one question at a time or upload multiple questions using the Excel uploader. Make your question come alive and help tell your story with color images.

Quizzes can be created for special occasions like birthdays, holidays or sporting events or just to share your special knowledge on everything from sports to cooking recipes.

Create private quizzes for close friends and family members. Surprise a friend or loved one with a birthday quiz using photos from your relationship.



SplashPlay offers 1,000’s of games on every topic imaginable. If you don’t see it, create it.

Each game includes a detailed question which can be answered as True/False or Multiple Choice. As you’re playing, you earn points towards SplashPlay rewards or, if playing in a SplashPlay venue, loyalty points towards the venue’s offerings.

National Brands

Engage your audience with custom quizzes that entertain and educate your audience about your product or service. engage and share your product further expose your product Looking for new ways to engage your audience? Are you looking for creative ways to expose your brand? SplashPlay delivers easy to use quizzes.

Add content to your website with a SplashPlay quiz about your product or service.

Promote Your Products

Official Members

Official status is reserved for member of the celebrity community. Official Member games will never be confused with generic games as they receive an Official Game icon next to each of their games.

Official Members receive an official Game Sponsor page providing additional information about yourself and future activities.

Official Members enjoy twice the Revenue share (20%) of that provided to general game sponsors. Do you have a large base of Twitter or Facebook followers? Share your game with them and earn substantial “CASH” revenues.

There is no charge to become an Official Member.

Become an Official Member

Cash Rewards

SplashPlay is more than just fun, it is also about earning cash rewards! As a Game Sponsor (game creator), you earn “real” cash rewards each time “anyone” plays your game.

It’s a simple proposition. SplashPlay is advertising sponsored. Each time one of our advertiser’s banner ads is displayed, the Game Sponsor earns 10% of SplashPlay’s revenue for the game played.

Earn Points

SplashPlay is all about fun! To add to the fun, each time a question is answered (correct or incorrect), a SplashPlay point is earned. The more points earned, the greater your chances of winning SplashPlay prize drawings.

There is more to points than prize. When games are played in any of our participating venues, you earn loyalty points in that venue. Play and SAVE!

Loyalty program

The SplashPlay Loyalty Program is reserved for venues that wish to reward their loyal customers by delivering special promotions tied to game play. Loyalty programs are a great way to entice customers to coming back again and again.

Point values are assigned to each promotion then points are earned by answering questions. The quicker a player provides a correct question, the more points are earned.

Venues can create custom promotions based on their unique offerings.

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Easily schedule a challenge and invite your friends to join the fun. Any existing game can be scheduled as a challenge. Simply choose a game, set the start dates, end dates and times then get ready for the fun!

Each participant’s results are tracked and distributed at the end of the challenge.

Create a Challenge NOW

Promote your Products

SplashPlay offers Brands and Venues unique ways to promote themselves.

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