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New Age of Fundraising

A few years ago, many believed that Social Media was going to dramatically enhance fundraising initiatives. Basically, providing a new way donors would be engaged and acquired.

The lure of Social Media is grounded in the fact that people enjoy sharing their passions with their online social community. Unfortunately, the potential of fundraising through Social Media has yet to be fully realized. In order for a Social Media campaign to be effective, it must go beyond sharing with friends. It must be about engaging them.

Rest assured, Social Media will not replace tried and proven strategies anytime soon. However, trends show that Social Media is fast becoming an integral part of fundraising planning. In fact, today 47% of fundraisers have incorporated Social Media into their strategy. In turn 40% of potential donors surveyed state that they learn of giving opportunities via Social Media. More importantly, research shows that 55% of Social Media engagements take action and support causes. The bottom-line…Social Media works.

SplashPlay, however, represents an innovative and dramatic change in Social Media based fundraising by taking advantage of people’s inclination to share with their online friends while eliminating the tension of raising capital through a unique interactive self-funding gaming strategy.

What is SplashPlay?

SplashPlay is a platform independent gaming system designed to enable Fundraisers to reach their financial goals by engaging their unique communities of common interests with customized interactive trivia games.

The key to SplashPlay is based on a Fundraiser’s ability to maximize the benefit of Social Media by engaging individuals to play its own trivia games and encourage viral growth with players’ friends and family in Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc.) as well as email. In doing so, the Fundraiser’s brand and message is delivered in an entertaining, fun and engaging manner through interactive gaming on mobile devices and desktops.

Fundraising and Gaming

The objective of SplashPlay is to provide Fundraisers a fresh, untapped and lucrative funding channel. Toward this end, SplashPlay shares 40% of its banner advertising revenue generated through game play with its Fundraisers. More importantly, this new channel is available to Fundraisers for a nominal charge of $70 per month or less and SplashPlay assumes all costs associated with software development, servers, Internet connectivity, implementation, support and maintenance.

Becoming a SplashPlay Fundraiser

The SplashPlay Fundraising agreement was created to protect Fundraisers. Toward this end, SplashPlay’s promise is that its relationship with Fundraisers is evergreen, and guarantees Fundraisers will receive 40% of SplashPlay’s banner advertising revenue. Additionally, Fundraisers may terminate the SplashPlay Fundraising Agreement at any time.

What does the Fundraiser have to do?

Becoming a SplashPlay Fundraiser is simple. The Fundraiser needs only to: (1) execute the SplashPlay Fundraising Agreement, (2) provide SplashPlay artwork for the Fundraiser’s personalized game button and (3) create as many trivia games the Fundraiser desires. There is no limit to the number and variety of games Fundraisers can create. In fact, more games means more opportunity to engage donors and increased funding potential.

What does Fundraiser receive from SplashPlay?

Once approved, Fundraisers are provided real-time access to their own branded SplashPlay trivia game account through which games can be created and uploaded. Additionally, Fundraisers may implement their own loyalty program designed to motivate game players. A truly unique feature of SplashPlay is the ability for Fundraisers to schedule and deliver real-time offers, promotions, website links, messages and videos to active game players.

Engaging Donors via SplashPlay

SplashPlay is compatible with all forms of communication employed by Fundraisers. Whether printed or digital, SplashPlay can be easily integrated into a Fundraiser’s existing communication channels through SplashPlay’s unique game Touch Points that include:



QR Code

SplashPlay can easily be activated through a personalized QR code Real-World Touch Point provided by SplashPlay that can be incorporated into the Fundraiser’s printed material including brochures, flyers, posters and even business cards.

When a fundraising candidate scans the SplashPlay QR Code, he or she is seamlessly taken to the Fundraiser’s personalized SplashPlay landing page where the player can access all the Fundraiser’s custom games by simply tapping the Fundraiser’s branded game button.

Fundraiser’s Website

SplashPlay is an HTML5 gaming platform which ensures seamless compatibility with all Fundraisers’ web technology. Simply add a link or play button to the Fundraiser’s website and visitors can easily be engaged to play Fundraisers’ trivia games.

Email Links

SplashPlay can be integrated into email correspondence by adding a simple link ( dramatically enhancing email engagement and effectiveness.


Social Media Links

By a simple click of SplashPlay’s “SHARE” button, players can share Fundraisers’ games throughout Social Media expanding Fundraisers’ Social Media reach. Just as easily, Fundraisers can post its SplashPlay games throughout Social Media.

Interactive Mobile Game

SplashPlay’s game page offers a wide variety of topical and fun trivia games. SplashPlay Fundraisers enjoy the unique benefit of having their own personalized and branded game button prominently displayed in the top spot ensuring maximum exposure and visibility.

When the Fundraiser’s button is tapped, the player is presented the Fundraiser’s entire list of personalized games. Further, games and trivia questions are unlimited!

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Brand Integration into SplashPlay’s platform

The Fundraiser’s brand is prominently displayed and integrated into SplashPlay’s game experience. Additionally, SplashPlay provides Fundraisers real-time promotional opportunities via SplashPlay’s “Deal Button” displayed at the bottom of the “Correct/Incorrect” message page each time a trivia question is answered. SplashPlay’s Deal button is linked to a larger page allowing Fundraisers to present rich content including promotions, messages video as well as links to Fundraiser’s website.

Who Creates the Fundraiser’s Games?

SplashPlay trivia games are easily created. Often, games are created by interns or volunteers. However, if the Fundraiser assigns game creation to paid personnel, a reasonable budget would be twenty-five hours for every 1,000 trivia questions created. Assuming the Fundraiser pays a staff member $15 per hour, the average cost to create 1,000 trivia question is approximately $375.
As a service to Fundraisers, SplashPlay will gladly create trivia questions for a flat rate of $125 per 250 multiple choice trivia questions.

Annual Economic Projection

The following table illustrates the Fundraiser’s potential annual economic benefit from SplashPlay. To estimate the annual donations the Fundraiser can expect, follow these three simple steps:


Identify the number of individuals Fundraiser reaches in the column titled “Direct Reach.” Direct Reach includes all marketing and promotional channels such as email, websites, direct mail, newsletters, meetings, advertising, etc.


Identify the number of individuals Fundraiser reaches in the column titled “Direct Reach.” Direct Reach includes all marketing and promotional channels such as email, websites, direct mail, newsletters, meetings, advertising, etc.


Proceed across the table from left to right to Fundraiser’s anticipated Engagement Percentage. This is the percent of the Direct Reach population Fundraiser believes will play its trivia games.


Fundraiser’s annual financial benefit from SplashPlay is the number at the intersection of “Direct Reach” and “Engagement Percentage.”

For example, if Fundraiser anticipates a 15% Engagement rate from its audience of 70,000 people, Fundraiser potentially receives $4.2 million annually.



  1. Direct Reach (Tier 1) is the number immediate candidates Fundraiser reaches
  2. Engaged Player is an individual that answers 15 trivia questions per week
  3. Fifty percent (50%) of Engaged Players share the game in Social Media
  4. The average player has 175 friends in Social Media
  5. Engaged Players beyond Tier 1
    • Tier 2: 15% of Players play the game
    • Tier 3: 10% of Players play the game
    • Tier 4: 5% of Players play the game