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Beverage Marketing

Beverage marketing is the communication of your branding, and managing brand identity throughout your sales channels to effectively reach and convey your identity's messages to your customers. A well-defined, cohesive, relevant brand identity is the foundation of marketing; without it you are just spending dollars.

SplashPlay is serious about branding, and its effectiveness. Whether you have a brand or are thinking of starting one, SplashPlay is vital to its growth and success.

SplashPlay – Your Branding Partner

SplashPlay is the only beverage branding support strategy that integrates and addresses the needs of all your constituents – Beverage Brand, Distributor, Reseller and the Consumer. SplashPlay offers the most innovative opportunity to “engage” the consumer at the point of purchase both as an on-premises (via glassware branding) and their personal mobile device.

Free Glassware

As a fundamental feature of SplashPlay, distributors are provide the unique opportunity to provide barware Free of Charge to the reseller. In doing so, you can enhance your service and establish a value added proposition second to none.

Long-Duration Brand Exposure

Beverage companies have numerous “traditional” brand and message opportunities available to them. However, until SplashPlay, brand exposure solutions have been one-dimensional and of extremely short duration. The facts are simple, Highway Billboards views, Print & Internet advertising are measured in seconds and limited to the medium in which they are presented. SplashPlay, however, breaks the mold providing long-duration exposure (“Dwell Time”) that is measured in hours. More importantly, SplashPlay integrates a beverage brand’s message into SplashPlay’s social gaming and entertainment platform that is readily available on 150 million smartphones and devices nationwide. Simply, no marketing or advertising channel compares with SplashPlay’s affordability, duration or digital integration. SplashPlay is a true paradigm shift for distributors and beverage producers.


Nothing can cause more uncertainty than new technology, old technology, or any technology for some people. We understand the concerns, and can help you. SplashPlay is enthusiastic about the promise that constantly evolving technology holds forth. As the informational, networked, cloud-based, digital economy blossoms, companies that don't embrace the future will not succeed in it.

But technology for its own sake is an expensive road to explore. SplashPlay has been at the forefront of the marriage of beverage marketing and technology. We believe technology can be put to use to enhance what you need to do: ensure your beverage brands are sold. We can take the uncertainty out of dealing with integrating technology into your marketing strategy.