Drinkware sponsorship places your brand’s logo directly on the venue’s Drinkware either by itself, opposite the SplashPlay logo or, as a direct sponsor of SplashPlay (Brought to you by ADVERTISER’S NAME) above or beneath the SplashPlay logo.


Designed to give your brand prominent presence, SplashPlay glassware places your brand directly in front of consumers for hours at a time. An advertiser can expect their glassware to be used over and over again for beyond 6 months. While some glassware will break, the majority of the glassware will last beyond 6 months. With the average bar/restaurant seeing 10,000 consumers/month, in a typical campaign, your brand will be seen by 60,000 consumers.

Disposable Drinkware

Disposable Drinkware provides a similar presence i.e. directly in front of consumers, it also benefits with the option for the consumer to take the Drinkware away from the venue. Away from the venue, in a car or at an office, provides geographical leverage and the possibility of additional consumers viewing the Drinkware.

Integrated mobile promotion

SplashPlay’s major benefit is centered in its unique ability to connect a Glassware Sponsor with a customized trivia topic button, prominently placed on the game’s mobile landing page. Advertiser sponsored QR codes and textable Keywords are created specifically for each brand. When accessed, they will link to the Advertiser sponsored mobile landing page.


Within their topic button, each advertiser can create their own trivia quizzes about their products, history or any other topic.


Custom Advertiser quizzes are a great way to engage, entertain and interact with consumers interested in your product.


As games are played, a promotional button is featured with each answer.


These promotional buttons can be used to sell product, announce a promotion


or to link to other programs and services on the advertiser’s own website.



Each SplashPlay channel provides unique approaches to reaching consumers. Each channels has its own delivery vehicle that provides the advertiser with

Designed to be simple to play, the SplashPlay game user interface offers multiple choice questions with 4 answer options once of which is correct. The user interface delivers a number of additional features.

Clients & Partners

  • Young’s Market Company, one of the nation’s largest distributors of fine wines and spirits. SplashPlay distribution through Young’s Market Company will place its glassware and game platform in thousands of restaurants and bars and quickly advance its mission to redefine location-based mobile gaming, marketing and membership development.

  • SplashPlay, Inc. announced today a distribution agreement has been entered into with WinCup, the second largest producer of foam cups in the U.S., delivering billions of cups annually to the nation’s restaurants, convenience stores and consumers.
    “Our relationship with WinCup marks a milestone in SplashPlay’s social/local/mobile gaming strategy”, said Steve Dafnis, Co-Founder of SplashPlay, Inc.

  • Online, SplashPlay reaches consumers while visiting reality TV blogs such as RealitySteve.com. We thank our growing list of partners including Young’s Market Company, WinCup and RealitySteve.